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Insurance programm


By signing the rental contract the CUSTOMER is accepting the conditions of our insurance program.

The CUSTOMER will be responsible within the excess for any additional damage or involvement in any accidents which result the additional repair costs. The excess amount is signed on the first page of the contract. The CUSTOMER is able to take the option to pay an additional charge to lower the amount of damage liability (Excess) or to cancel the personal liability completely. ADDITIONAL and FULL INSURANCE charge is regulated by the valid published tariffs. Age restriction: additional service «CDW / THP PLUS» and «CDW / THP FULL» can be ordered by customers of 25 or more years old.

If ROYAL RENT can recover these amounts from a responsible third part y, the CUSTOMER will be reimbursed.

The CUSTOMER will be held the full responsibility if any damage or theft, which has been caused by:

  • Damage caused by negligence (ex., the radio-panel was left in the parked vehicle and the radio was stolen together with the panel from the rented car) .
  • No notification to the company of any information related to incidents whilst in the possession of the vehicle.
  • Involvement in an accident where the CUSTOMER failed to notify the police.
  • The vehicle was used in a way that breaks other parts of the contract.
  • Any deliberate damage found.
  • Loss or damage of additionally rented accessories or vehicle equipment.

The above mentioned is not be covered by our damage protection and insurance program. In such a case the duty to reimburse the car repair expenses 100% is on the CUSTOMER. Copies of all documents, connected to car repair/replacing costs, proof of payment are to be handed over to CUSTOMER or will be confirmed by post or e-mail to the CUSTOMER, when it is detailed to ROYAL RENT.

In case of incident the CUSTOMER will be responsible to pay the ACCIDENT REPORT Fee 300 AZN (150 EUR) to cover the administration expenses, irrespectively of the CUSTOMER's liability.

These regulations also apply to all additional drivers of the rental vehicle.

Any unauthorized extensions to the rental contract will not be covered by the damage protection detailed. Therefore any costs arising after the original end time and date will be the full responsibility of the CUSTOMER.